Parcels at online auctions

For most of us, sending a package to someone when we have sold products on an online auction site is a simple process. We find suitable packaging (often something handy) and mail our package to the post office.

However, online auctions can become addictive, and indeed, many people now live full time from online auctions.

Because of the online auction as a whole, many more small parcels (and some not so small parcels) are being shipped by people than ten years ago.

If you start selling more than strange items, you will need to think more about how you will package your packages for shipping. For example, you may start buying goods in bulk packages and then auctioning them off in smaller parcels.

This may mean that you have to ship several packages per week, or even per day, of the same size. If this is the case, you will need to think about setting up an appropriate parcel preparation area and buying new packaging for your parcels.

When you start online auctions, you will find yourself storing and reusing all kinds of packaging in your parcels, however, if things get more serious, you may find that you can package your parcels more efficiently (small parcels save money on courier costs!) by using new materials.

In addition, receiving a “New” package, rather than a recycled one, helps if you make repeat sales, as it will improve the perception of your new brand.

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