The flowers in a line give a form of floral arrangement

It’s fascinating how different types of flowers and foliage are combined to create beautiful and distinctive bouquets. Flowers have individual shapes, textures and colors. The row flowers are the great flora that gives the designs height, width and a balanced look. Large flowers give a design its basic shape. Liatris, snapdragons, larkspur, larkspur, stump, gladiolus, tuberose, speedwell, curly willow, Irish bells, stump and Canterbury bells are all excellent examples. The flowers in the line are inserted both vertically and horizontally in the design after the greenery. Focal and fill flowers are then added to add to the shape, texture and feel of the design.

Branches and tall foliage can also be used as line flowers. Most in-line flowers have flowers that turn into buds at the top. Line flowers by themselves look great in cylindrical vases. Line flowers can give a characteristic and creative importance to your creations.

There are several types of lines in an arrangement. Lines can express different moods and feelings simply by the direction in which they are placed. The line provides a path for the eye to follow throughout the arrangement. The three main types of lines are the actual line, the implied line, and the psychic line.

The real lines are very obvious. The eye can easily follow the design to its height and width. The real lines define the skeleton of the drawing. The real line flowers can be curved and flowing in the design. Implicit lines in the floral design provide a path for the eye to follow, but no real line flowers are present. Although carnations are not line flowers per se, if one is cut higher than the other it can create a line effect. Greenery can also create a line effect. When our eyes connect the graduated eyelets upwards, we see a linear result. The third type of line is the psychic line. It is a line that does not exist, yet we feel the result of the line. Psychic designs are made by placing flowers in a way that directs the eye upwards and everywhere. Two large birds of paradise can be placed high in an arrangement, while all the other materials of the flora are rather short and at the base. The two large birds of paradise create a visual line and bring the visual path upwards. Many oriental models use this technique.

The direction of the line is where the flowers are placed in the design, giving the arrangement a vertical direction, a horizontal direction or a diagonal line. Line materials also place curves in the flower design. Without a line in a design, we would have no fluid movement. Our eyes would be blocked and would not be able to move around throughout the design to see the whole image we are trying to create.

Have fun with flowers that give height to an arrangement. Go as high as you want. As long as a design is balanced with focal and fill flowers, most designs work. Practice and play with color and texture. Have fun and dare to experiment!