How to Invest in this time

In my “Spring Thoughts”, I explain why 2013 will also be a year in which not to sell in May, not to leave and stay selectively invested. And why, more than ever, today’s high-flying markets are perfectly suited to the disciplined, diversified and dividend-backed approach illustrated in my 6-Paks of Canadian Equities and Dividends.

Why are my 6-Paks protected from these recurring markets? The three reasons are: diversification and balance, world-class Canadian companies and a protective and growing dividend base.

6-Pak Advantage
Created in 2004-2005 as substitutes for superior long-term investment, these distinctive packages encompass a full range of Canadian investment potential, the Equity 6-Pak focuses more on growth, the Dividend 6-Pak on dividends and the ability to retain them. growth. In both cases, the key is to maintain holdings in a meaningful and uniformly weighted manner and to periodically adjust and, if necessary, change holdings based on circumstances and stock prices.

They have had their ups and downs and contain inevitable problem children, but both 6-Pak approaches still offer the superior long-term returns expected of them. There is also the basis and comparative yield advantage of their mandatory dividend requirement, particularly the 6-Pak Dividend, which withstood the financial crises of 2007-09 impressively.

World-Class Canadian Substance and More
According to Canada’s Minister of International Trade, Ed Fast, “Canada’s mining sector and its related industries contributed more than $35 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product in 20110”. Resources, energy and banking are among Canada’s world-class industries and are proving to be a good investment and, as such, prime candidates for the 6-Paks MGIS.

While the number of individual stocks may be intentionally small, one of the keys to a successful investment is a meaningful representation of the portfolio, yet both 6-Paks offer the world-class cross-section offered by modern Canadian equity markets.

At the end of April, the cumulative returns for the year were 10.5% on the Equity 6-Pak and 8.4% on the Dividend 6-Pak, the latter also having an average return of 5.5%.

For their individual holdings and more on the 6-Pak approach, also on world-class Canadian equities, see the MGIS website below.

Three reasons why my 6-Paks remain secure against continued market volatility.

Reason 1: Diversified and balanced
Reason 2: World-Class Canadian Industry Leaders
Reason 3: Protective foundations and also rising dividends

While the stock markets seem to be on a daily roller coaster ride, investors should rise to the challenge and, with careful planning and sound advice, prepare for the McLuhan-style global village whose future is now.