Investment For Your Future

When it comes to investing, many first-time investors want to jump right in. Too often, we see these same people start investing with the dream of getting rich overnight. Sure this is possible, but it is also rare, as very few of these investors are successful. So, as you can see, this mentality is usually …

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Saving money on a mortgage loan

Everyone wants to own a home, but most of us will need a mortgage to make homeownership a reality. Prior to 2008, just about anyone could get a mortgage even if they had horrible credit, this irresponsible lending created the financial meltdown we are still trying to recover from. There are mortgages out there, but …

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How to Invest in this time

In my “Spring Thoughts”, I explain why 2013 will also be a year in which not to sell in May, not to leave and stay selectively invested. And why, more than ever, today’s high-flying markets are perfectly suited to the disciplined, diversified and dividend-backed approach illustrated in my 6-Paks of Canadian Equities and Dividends. Why …

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